Google Recognizes Malay Language via Google AdWords

Google Recognizes Malay Language via Google AdWords
Google Recognizes Malay Language via Google AdWords

The big problem for this for Malaysian bloggers to become publisher ad Google Adsense (GA), to add passive income while they google blogger.

Adsense is not recognized malay - Malaysia as the language of the content writing their blogs.

Funny is not it! Why not recognize the Google Adsense in the Malay language.And Indonesian language is recognized (^ ^)

Once I searched all info.With my own experience that failed to be publisher of Google Adsense, Google Adsense answers literally "Malay language is not Recognized for Google Adsense"

(!) But sorry I failed so publishers 'Google Adsense' not alone Malay language problemSome other reasons such as SEO techniques,Content articles .This is only discharges sense, it answers many times Google Adsense email to me specifically about the malay language that I use my blog.
Google Adwords by keyword malay language,

Thank God my prayers and his Malaysian blogger Malays in particular for Allah's pleasure. With Google now provides the opportunity to use Advertiser publisher and paid online advertising platform called Google Adwords to use the Malay language.

Chairman of Google Marketing,Google Malaysia, Matthew Zaheen told, as much as 40 million people are native speakers of Malay. does not include the more than 220 million people worldwide who also use Malay as the medium of instruction.

Therefore, he said, Google's latest move is in line with the reality of more than 60 percent of the population of citizens who use Malay as the medium of instruction.

"AdWords in Malay language may help further expand their trade performance among them (customers) that usually use the language of instruction in online," said Matthew Zaheen to reporters at Hotel G, June 5, 2014
Budgeted, there are 700,000 small and simple commerce in Malaysia, however, approximately 15 percent  only within the virtual online daily.
by Matthew Zaheen, nearly 20 million of the 29 million Malaysians are internet users.

Added by over 35 percent smartphone penetration now, he said, there is great potential for business to act to address this gap.

"One of the main motivations for us to make AdWords can be found in the Malay language is to help small and medium businesses to expand their reach and make them easier to find through online advertising.

"We hope more small and medium businesses come online and market their business online," said Matthew Zaheen again.

(!) Motivation for Malaysian bloggers succeeding in penetrating Google Adsense in malay language InsyaaAllah
Thank's to;
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